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  • Providing excellent service to public groups, cities, counties, schools, public utilities, and other governmental agencies.
  • Let us help you navigate the post 65 path.
  • A.T. Group has 30+ years of serving Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin
  • Half of Americans admit to not buying life insurance because they have just plain procrastinated. For your family, stop procrastinating and call us
  • Things looking a little fuzzy? A vision plan could help make things look clearer.
  • You’ve got questions, We’ve got answers
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30+ Years Of Public Entity Benefit Experience

Your public entity group invests considerable time, energy and money to provide employees with a competitive benefits program. 

With A.T. Group's expertise in benefits communication, your employees will find their complete benefits package easier to understand, appreciate, and get what they need. 

A.T. Group was formed in 1982 for the specific purpose of working with public groups; cities, counties, schools, public utilities, and other governmental agencies. 

A.T. Group continues to provide employee benefits programs to over 170 public entity groups across the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.  How can we help you?